Visit by Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek

On 31 January 2020, the Law Firm was visited by a good friend, Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, together with Minister Teresa Kamińska. During the meeting with the Firm's team, the Prime Minister, speaking…

Declaration of the validity of the ruling to remove the Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital from the National Court Register

On 10 December 2018, the Registry Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register issued a ruling on the merger of three Warsaw hospitals: The Infant…

”Controversial Redress”

This is the title of the article by Paweł Sowisło published today in the daily ”Rzeczpospolita”. We invite you to read it. ​​    

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The inheritance is all rights and obligations that belonged to the testator (the deceased) at the time of his death and who pass to his legal heirs in way of the so-called heirdom. The deceased person leaves behind the inheritance mass, which includes both the property collected by the deceased and all his obligations (commonly referred to as "debts"). Persons entitled to inheritance become inheritors by virtue of law, however, this does not always mean that persons entitled to inheritance will acquire the right to inherit. Therefore, until the declaration of rights to inheritance or confirmation of acquisition of inheritance the one cannot be convinced that we will automatically become true heirs.
We realize that inheritance matters relate to difficult moments in life and often accompanied by a lot of negative emotions among family members and relatives of the deceased, becoming a source of misunderstandings and conflicts. Taking this into account, as well as respecting the needs and feelings of our clients, we provide comprehensive and professional legal support in inheritance matters regarding, among others:

  • confirmation of the acquisition of the inheritance by virtue of the statutory law,
  • confirmation of the acquisition of inheritance pursuant to the will,
  • annulment of the will,
  • acceptance or rejection of inheritance,
  • distribution of inheritance including the preparation of an division contract,
  • receipt of the legitim,
  • preparing a will,
  • to secure the inheritance and prepare inventory of inheritance property.

Inheritance matters always require careful preparation and collection of relevant documentation, as well as proper representation before Courts. Deadlines for submitting declarations regarding the acceptance / rejection of inheritance, the consequences resulting therefrom and protection of clients against inheritance debts should also be remembered.
Our experienced lawyers help at every stage of the inheritance case by advising the best solutions and preparing relevant documents on behalf of clients. Effectively acting in such a delicate matter we always provide full discretion and confidentiality.