Visit by Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek

On 31 January 2020, the Law Firm was visited by a good friend, Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, together with Minister Teresa Kamińska. During the meeting with the Firm's team, the Prime Minister, speaking…

Declaration of the validity of the ruling to remove the Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital from the National Court Register

On 10 December 2018, the Registry Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register issued a ruling on the merger of three Warsaw hospitals: The Infant…

”Controversial Redress”

This is the title of the article by Paweł Sowisło published today in the daily ”Rzeczpospolita”. We invite you to read it. ​​    

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Comprehensive service and legal advice in the field of broadly understood commercial law is one of the key areas of our law firm operations. To meet the needs of the client, we offer legal advice on the functioning of all types of partnerships.
Commercial law allows the identification of four types of partnerships:

  1. registered partnership,
  2. professional partnership,
  3. limited partnership,
  4. limited joint – stock partnership

Distinguished by the fact that they have no legal personality, but they have a legal capacity. In other words, partnerships may, on their own behalf, acquire rights, including ownership of real estate and other property rights, incur liabilities, sue and be sued.

The offer addressed to the partners covers all stages of the partnerships' existence.
Based on many years of experience in the field of commercial law companies, our law firm helps you choose the appropriate organizational and legal form of your business, tailored to the needs of your individual client. As part of our services, we prepare deeds of partnerships, draft documentation necessary for the registration process and carry out the entire process of the partnership registration before courts or other competent authorities.
At the same time, our law firm directs the range of its legal services to entities interested in the restructuring of their partnerships, in particular in the area of transformation, merger and division of companies. Our specialists advise you on how to use the tools offered by law to optimize your business. The undeniable advantage of partnership transformation is the succession of rights and obligations. In other words, the fact that the target partnership will be vested with all the rights and obligations of the transformed partnership. In particular, the newly created partnership will become the subject of permits and concessions granted to the partnership before transformation (except in specific cases).
Organized, early planned succession and professional care during the implementation of the plan of succession guarantee adequate security for your business. For clients - partners that think long term, our law firm prepares and transfers between generations having regard to specificity of a particular family situation and property status. The experience and knowledge of relevant legal tools allows for smooth and safe entrusting heritage to the next generation.

We are looking forward to doing business with you !