Visit by Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek

On 31 January 2020, the Law Firm was visited by a good friend, Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, together with Minister Teresa Kamińska. During the meeting with the Firm's team, the Prime Minister, speaking…

Declaration of the validity of the ruling to remove the Infant Jesus Clinical Hospital from the National Court Register

On 10 December 2018, the Registry Court for the capital city of Warsaw in Warsaw, 12th Commercial Division of the National Court Register issued a ruling on the merger of three Warsaw hospitals: The Infant…

”Controversial Redress”

This is the title of the article by Paweł Sowisło published today in the daily ”Rzeczpospolita”. We invite you to read it. ​​    

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The Law Firm has extensive experience in servicing the central state administration authorities as well as other state administration bodies, including combined and non-combined administration bodies and state legal persons. For many years, the qualified staff of our law firm consisting of specialists dealing with particular areas of law provides comprehensive consultancy services both in matters belonging to the characteristics of given units, as well as in their current operations related to everyday functioning.
Our law firm provides legal assistance consisting in particular in advising on:

  • administrative law - through assistance provided to employees of a given unit in conducting current cases of above-standard complexity, representing before administrative courts, giving opinions on draft legal acts and administrative decisions,

  • public procurement law - by supervising the conducted proceedings and representing before the National Appeals Chamber and other bodies related to public procurement, as well as support in the proper implementation of the public procurement;

  • public finances - by helping in the proper management of public funds, drawing up legal opinions removing interpretational doubts, as well as support in matters related to the discipline of public finances;

  • labor law - by solving problems concerning, among others, establishing and terminating labor relations in given units, employee duties and related responsibilities, as well as representing individuals before courts or other bodies competent in employee matters,

  • civil law - by preparing and reviewing contracts, resolving disputes, including representation before courts and arbitration institutions, participation in negotiations;

  • criminal law and professional disciplinary liability - by initiating and conducting the above-mentioned proceedings;

and in other matters not mentioned above.

In order to properly and effectively perform its services, the Law Firm offers the following forms of cooperation:

  • permanent legal service in the form of periodic duties in a given unit in the scope and dimension dictated by its needs;

  • permanent contact of the unit with specialists from our law firm from specific areas of law,

  • legal service of individual cases in a given unit;

  • representation of the unit before the courts and other competent authorities in the case;

  • participation in activities related to conducted proceedings;

  • participation in negotiations and meetings in which the presence of qualified legal assistance is necessary;

  • preparation of opinions and other written forms of legal aid removing doubts of interpretation and indicating recommendations for further actions;

and other tailored to the current needs of the client.