Andrzej Godoń

Andrzej Godoń
Andrzej Godoń
operating director

He is responsible for financial and organizational supervision of the performance of contracts signed by our company for the provision of legal assistance. Expert and practitioner in the field of public procurement law. Since 1999 he is gaining practical experience in the application of the provisions of the Public Procurement Act by both the awarding entity which are mostly units of the public finance sector, as well as by bidders-contractors who are commercial entities. He advises at every stage of the proceedings.
More than 50 times represented awarding entities / contractors before the National Appeals Chamber and in the vast majority of proceedings obtained a positive decision for the party represented, breaking the previous ruling of the Chamber in a given range several times.
He conducted numerous trainings in the field of public procurement, including as part of the preparatory service for candidates for local government employees. He is a valued speaker at conferences and symposiums devoted to the subject of public procurement.
In 2009-2012, he was the Vice Director of the Public Procurement Office at the City Hall of Poznań.
In 1989 he graduated from the Military Officer School of Military Communications in Zegrze near Warsaw, then in 1999 he graduated from the University of Science and Technology in Bydgoszcz. In 2008 he completed postgraduate studies in the field of Public Procurement in the European School of Law and Administration in Warsaw, and then in 2012 he completed postgraduate studies in the field of Administration – Management and Organization at the WSB University Poznan.

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