We are a partner of the 5th Polish Planning and Zoning Law Congress

We are a partner of the 5th Polish Planning and Zoning Law Congress

The 5th Polish Planning and Zoning Law Congress is an event organised on 20-21 September 2021 by the “Construction Law. Quarterly”. Our Law Firm is among the partners of the Conference organised in Warsaw in a stationary form and broadcast online.

Speakers include our associates:

Aneta Fornalik, barrister, with a presentation: “Access to a public road in proceedings for a decision on development conditions”,

Iwona Jacieczko, tax advisor, with a presentation: “Allocation of real estate according to the decision on development conditions – selected tax aspects”.

Conference programme and organizational details can be found at: https://konferencje.mustreadmedia.pl/planowanie-konferencja/

The theme of the Congress has been based in part on the publication by barrister Aneta Fornalik, barrister Alicja Kociemba and tax advisor Iwona Jacieczko entitled “Decision on development conditions – selected practical issues”, which can be purchased at the online bookstore: https://sklep.mustreadmedia.pl/produkt/decyzja-o-warunkach-zabudowy-wybrane-problemy-praktyczne/.

We would like to thank the Congress Organiser for the opportunity to share our knowledge and practical experience concerning issues which we resolve for our Clients.

We invite you to participate in the Congress!

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