Gowns presented to four 2016-2018 trainee attorneys at the Sowisło & Topolewski Law Firm

Gowns presented to four 2016-2018 trainee attorneys at the Sowisło & Topolewski Law Firm

This year’s professional bar examination was successful for all graduates of the 2016-2018 internship programme who completed it in the office of the Law Office in Poznań. It is a tradition on this occasion to present the toga to the “young attorneys” by the managing partners, i.e. attorney Paweł Sowisło and attorney Krzysztof Topolewski, during a special ceremony organized on this occasion, which this year took place on 12 June (Wednesday). This important event was attended by the entire team of the Law Firm, including other partners and attorneys, with whom the trainee attorneys had worked hand in hand and gained practical professional experience over a period of 3 years of training. Apart from the togas, our students were given other gifts, useful and used in their everyday professional work.

This year’s list of our graduates who gained professional qualifications:

  1. Alicja Kociemba – attorney’s training
  2. Mateusz Niewiński – attorney’s training
  3. Michał Twardowski – attorney’s training
  4. Wojciech Wieruszewski – attorney’s training

Thus, the total number of alumni, i.e. attorneys, who have completed their training at our Law Firm since the beginning of its activity, will soon increase to 82 persons after they take the oath.

We wish all our alumni a lot of success in their further professional careers, which most of them will continue as part of further cooperation with Sowisło & Topolewski Law Firm.

However, we keep our fingers crossed for all of you !

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