We publish in the Quarterly: Construction Law

We publish in the Quarterly: Construction Law

Two articles by our lawyers appeared in Issue 8 of the Quarterly: Construction Law (published by Must Read Media):

“Planning documents for areas in a national park and its buffer zone” – by Aneta Fornalik, attorney, which shows that the Act on Nature Conservation is a set of regulations of diverse nature. In one place we can find regulations concerning the rules for felling trees and bushes, and in another place regulations that are important for shaping the content of documents relevant for spatial planning and investment processes.

“Biologically active surface in documents and investment decisions” – by Aleksandra Urbanowska-Bohun, attorney at law, the aim of which is to analyse the concept of “biologically active area” and to signal practical problems arising from its use in various investment documents and their consequences.

The quarterly can be purchased at the online bookstore: https://kwartalnik-pb.pl/wnumerze/

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