Training for the J. Struś Multi-Specialist Municipal Hospital in Poznan

Training for the J. Struś Multi-Specialist Municipal Hospital in Poznan

From April 2021, representatives of the Department of Medical Law and Medical Services in the persons of attorney-at-law Magdalena Cieślińska-Dopierała, attorney-at-law Ewelina Jeglikowska, attorney-at-law Anna Piotrowska-Musioł, barrister Michał Górski, barrister Joanna Zielińska and barrister Paulina Kozłowska, as well as of the Department of Public Procurement Law in the persons of attorney-at-law Wojciech Piórkowski and attorney-at-law Grzegorz Józefiak, have been conducting training courses for the employees of J. Struś Multi-Specialist Municipal Hospital in Poznań at ul. Szwajcarska 3.

The topics of the training courses focus on changes introduced in the control procedure of the National Health Fund (NFZ), or changes in the Public Procurement Law, as well as issues that invariably arouse interest, such as those connected with keeping and making medical records available, providing information on a patient’s condition and obtaining consent to a procedure, nurses’ working time, or principles of medical personnel’s liability for the so-called medical errors in pandemic conditions, as well as for the medical personnel’s breach of confidentiality connected with the provision of health services to patients.

The trainers focus on the practical aspects of the aforementioned topics, presenting in an accessible manner the legal issues of importance to the medical personnel and administrative staff of the hospital, so that they can fulfil their tasks in a public medical facility and provide health services correctly.

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