We participated in the 9th Medical Law Congress

We participated in the 9th Medical Law Congress

On 1 December 2020 – for the ninth time already – the Congress of Medical Law was held, organised by the Polish Medical Law Society. Due to the epidemic situation, the meeting of practitioners and law theorists as well as medical professionals and employees of medical entities was held online.

As in previous years, the Congress was attended by representatives of the Medical Law and Medical Entities Support Department of our Law Firm: attorney Ewelina Jeglikowska, attorney Magdalena Cieślińska-Dopierała, attorney Anna Piotrowska-Musioł, attorney Joanna Zielińska, attorney Michał Górski and attorney Paulina Kozłowska.

This event has for many years provided an opportunity to exchange views on current issues and problems of medical law. This year’s meeting was aimed primarily at discussing legal issues connected with the current state of the epidemic, as well as analysing the introduced and planned changes in regulations resulting from the spreading pandemic. The speakers’ speeches also featured practical aspects, including those connected with the conduct of court cases concerning the correctness of healthcare services.

During the Congress, the topics discussed included the responsibility of hospitals for infections of patients with SARS-CoV-2, the criminal liability of doctors for the so-called ‘medical errors’ committed under pandemic conditions and the ‘good Samaritan’ clause. The subject was also discussed of the investigation by medical entities of remuneration for providing health services under conditions of statutory coercion (in order to save life and health) above the value of the national health service lump sum and the legislative changes introduced in this respect in September this year.

The information obtained during the Congress will certainly be used by the attorneys of the Medical Law and Medical Entities Support Department as part of their comprehensive legal services provided to the Wielkopolska Chamber of Physicians and Dentists in Poznań and many private and public medical institutions throughout the country.

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