The Law Firm co-organises and is a content partner of the “Public Procurement in Health Care” conference

The Law Firm co-organises and is a content partner of the “Public Procurement in Health Care” conference

On 29 September 2020, our Law Firm together with the publisher of the “Przetargi Publiczne” monthly (Presscom sp. z o.o.) held a conference entitled “PUBLIC PROCUREMENT IN HEALTH CARE”.

During the conference, lawyers from the Department of Public Procurement Law presented the legal issues which currently raise the greatest doubts in the practical application of the provisions of the PPL Act, as well as an analysis of the new regulations which come into force from the new year. The programme of the conference covered in particular the following topics:

Description of the subject of the contract – competition law or patient’s welfare – choice of treatment by a doctor and the PPL Act – lecture by barrister Aleksandra Kot,
Estimation of public procurement in health care units – lecture by barrister Łukasz Miatkowski,
Determination and enforcement of contractual penalties – lecture by barrister Łukasz Miatkowski,
Permissible amendments to a public procurement contract – lecture by barrister Grzegorz Józefiak,
The procedure of awarding a contract below the EU thresholds under the new PPL with particular emphasis on the specificity of health care contracts – lecture by Andrzej Godoń,
Public contracts in health care (subliminal and excluded from the scope of the PPL and regulations connected with COVID-19) – lecture by barrister Wojciech Piórkowski,
Securing the necessity of awarding additional supply and service contracts of successive nature – lecture by barrister Wojciech Piórkowski.
We would like to thank all the participants for their numerous participation in the conference and invite them to take part in further events of this kind with our Law Firm.

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