Anna Raptis

Anna Raptis
Anna Raptis

She provides day-to-day support to businesses, both from the private as well as public sector, with particular emphasis on commercial company law. She specialises in the processes of transformation, merger and division of companies and their restructuring. 

She also has many years of practical experience in conducting the processes of establishment and liquidation of commercial companies, associations and foundations. 

Her interests include issues connected with setting the remuneration of members of management and supervisory bodies in companies with shares held by the State Treasury and local government units. 

She also advises parties to corporate disputes. She has many years of practical experience in representing clients in court proceedings in civil and commercial cases. 

She has been working with the Law Firm since 2016. She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Szczecin. Senior Member of the European Law Students Association ELSA Poland. In 2020, after completing her full training as an attorney-at-law in our Law Firm, she was entered on the list of attorneys at the District Chamber of Attorneys-at-Law in Poznań.

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