Visit by Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek

Visit by Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek

On 31 January 2020, the Law Firm was visited by a good friend, Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek, together with Minister Teresa Kamińska. During the meeting with the Firm’s team, the Prime Minister, speaking from the perspective of a long-term European parliamentarian, referred to the most important current issues facing the European Union regarding “Brexit”, achieving climate neutrality by 2050 and ensuring energy security. The Prime Minister also willingly and comprehensively answered the questions asked by the participants in the meeting. 

The Prime Minister received the presentation of a legal service using the immersive reality of the “virtual courtroom” very positively, personally participating in in a simulation of a court trial in which he appeared as the “public”. 

The Prime Minister summed up his impressions with a statement: “If everyone could use the virtual courtroom a few days before the pending trial, it would be salutary”.

In the evening, in honour of the Prime Minister, Mr. Paweł Sowisło and Mr. Krzysztof Topolewski held a gala dinner attended by, among others, the Mayor of the City of Poznan, Mr. Jacek Jaśkowiak, the Starost of the Poznan District, Mr. Jan Grabkowski, Rector of the Poznan University of Medical Sciences, Professor Andrzej Tykarski, Rector of the University of the Arts Poznań, Professor Wojciech Hora. 

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