The Law Firm took part in the 1st Wielkopolska Patient’s Rights Conference

The Law Firm took part in the 1st Wielkopolska Patient’s Rights Conference

On 11-12 January 2022, the 1st Wielkopolska Patient’s Rights Conference was held in Poznań, organised by the Wielkopolska Chamber of Physicians and Dentists with the support of the Regional Bar Council in Poznań. During the event, six sessions were held on the broad topic of patient rights, which included eighteen lectures and panel discussions with the participation of experts in law and medicine.

Members of the Medical Law and Therapeutic Services Department – legal counsel/attorney-at-law Magdalena Cieślińska-Dopierała and attorney-at-law Michał Górski – participated in the event on behalf of the Firm.

On the second day of the Conference, attorney Michał Górski delivered a lecture devoted to an issue which is extremely important from a practical point of view, namely the patient’s claims in respect of failure to comply with the law in the form of consent to treatment. The presentation met with keen interest from the audience.

The large number of participants in the Conference, which was organised under the auspices of the leading media of the medical and legal sector, reflects the growing interest in the specialist issues at the junction of law and medicine, as well as the demand for such forms of professional training for doctors, lawyers, and attorneys-at-law. Both the organiser and the Law Firm have expressed their intention to continue active cooperation in the organisation of future editions of the event.

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