We provide national and foreign employers with comprehensive legal assistance in all aspects of the labor law, regardless of the industry in which they operate. Department of Labor Law is managed by the partner of our law firm, legal counsel Ewelina Jeglikowska, whose team of lawyers and legal counsels solves the problems of our Clients in the area of:

  • establishing and terminating the employment relationship,
  • reduction of employment (including collective redundancies),
  • takeover of workplaces (personnel), restructuring and integration of employee teams,
  • collective labor relations, collective agreements and other agreements between employers and trade unions (representation of employees),
  • contractual relations between the company and members of the management board and directors
  • creating managerial contracts,
  • due diligence analysis,
  • a process of collective redundancies,
  • creating necessary employee documentation such as work regulations, remuneration regulations, regulations of the company social benefits fund, etc.,
  • designing individual terms of employment contracts, cooperation agreements, managerial contracts, non-competition agreements, etc.,
  • ensuring occupational safety and health and protection for selected groups of employees (eg pregnant women),
  • correct organization and settlement of working time,
  • preventing mobbing by formulating a code of good practice for Employers, which helps to avoid lawsuits in this respect,
  • employer’s liability for offenses against employees’ rights,
  • material and order responsibility of employees.

We also advise on issues related to labor law in the European Union, i.e. regarding the possibilities and conditions for taking up employment by citizens of EU Member States in another Member State, as part of the so-called freedom of movement of workers. In order to meet the needs of employers, we often supplement our services with the necessary tax consultancy.

In case of such necessity, we represent Employers and employees in lawsuit regarding employees’ claims, in particular in matters relating to remuneration for work, claims arising from termination of employment and material liability of employees before labor courts of all instances.

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