Family law

Family law

Family law normalizes the legal relationships of people related to a marriage, civil union, family relationship and wherever trust, guardianship and similar acts are included.

In our office, we are perfectly aware of the fact that all family matters are a delicate matter, especially those in which the child’s best interests are concerned. By entrusting us with conducting any matter, you can count on full discretion, understanding and legal support from the first meeting at which our lawyer gets acquainted with the matter until the final conclusion of a given case. At the same time, we approach each case individually and advise the best solution also in the field of amicable settlement of conflict situations in mediation proceedings.

We operate comprehensively throughout Poland as well as in matters with a foreign element. We remove responsibility from our clients for all formalities, court deadlines that we take on fully.
If in your life, you have just encountered any problems related to:

  • the conclusion or annulment of a marriage,
  • the necessity of separation,
  • willingness to adopt,
  • obtaining right of a custody,
  • the need to carry out a divorce with a guilty verdict for the breakdown of the life or without a ruling on fault,
  • determining, changing the amount of maintenance or its cessation,
  • regulating contacts between parents and children by determining the manner of exercising, limiting or prohibiting their performance,
  • entrusting, limiting, suspending or depriving parental authority,
  • establishing or denouncing paternity,
  • the division of joint property,
  • establishing the property separation of the spouses,
  • settlement of a concubinage.

It is our lawyers who will lead you through this very difficult period to keep you informed about the progress of the case, thanks to which you will have full control over its course while having constant access to documents.

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