Urszula Nowaczyk

Urszula Nowaczyk
Urszula Nowaczyk

Specializes in criminal cases, with particular focus on criminal business law and drug crime.
Heads the Department of Criminal Business Law.
As part of his practice, he comprehensively represents private individuals in criminal and executive criminal proceedings. She also deals with consultancy and representation during the criminal process of business entities. In professional practice, she focuses on broadly understood problems in the field of family and guardianship law, including handling court proceedings with a cross-border element and representation of European Union citizens in a Polish court. She also has experience in conducting affairs for property division.
Successfully carried out dozens of complex criminal trials throughout the country, including those ended with hearing before the Supreme Court.
She participated in numerous conferences and seminars covering the subject matter of substantive criminal and procedural law, as well as trainings on public speeches.
She is a laureate of numerous university oratories competitions.
In 2005, she graduated from law studies with a very good result at the Faculty of Law of the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. She has been associated with the Law Office since that year and in it she completed the advocate apprenticeship under the patronage of the managing partner – attorney Paweł Sowisło. In 2010, she was entered on the list of attorneys of the District Bar Association in Poznań.

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