The strict rules applicable to the conduction of court cases as well as the complexity of the entire court procedure make it very important that the client is represented in the court proceedings by a professional attorney, ie a advocate or legal counsel, in order to avoid any negative consequences of wrongdoing that may be encountered by a person seeking their rights before a court.

Our Law Firm has a team of lawyers and legal advisors with extensive experience in the field of litigation and arbitration proceedings covering a full spectrum of areas of law and types of proceedings. The above also includes representing our Clients in proceedings before the Court and the Court of Justice of the European Union in Luxembourg.

  • To conduct each case we individually select team of lawyers specializing not only in the area of law covered by the dispute but also specially in the kind of proceedings.
  • We support clients in managing disputable matters also at the pre-court stage, in order to effectively minimize legal risk and optimize related costs.
  • We also offer comprehensive legal audits aimed at the possibility of implementing procedural claims by entrepreneur and / or determining the risk of raising such claims against him.

Our legal proceedings concern in particular:

Civil and commercial matters – we provide comprehensive legal services in the preparation of all pleadings, including security and enforcement proceedings and representations before common courts and the Supreme Court, as well as before arbitration courts – domestic and foreign.

Due to many years of functioning on financial markets, the practice of corporate disputes (including bankruptcy issues) is of particular importance in the Office. We represent clients before the National Appeals Board in public procurement proceedings. Our services include the preparation of appeals to the National Chamber of Appeal, complaints to the court and other pleadings. As part of wealth and asset management services, we appear in inheritance proceedings pending in Poland and abroad.

Labor law cases – we mainly represent employers in claims for employees, in particular in matters of remuneration for work, claims arising from termination of employment and material liability of employees.

Administrative matters – we represent our clients in proceedings before administrative authorities and in front of provincial administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court, in particular in matters of construction law, spatial development law, environmental law and in matters related to tax and customs proceedings.

Criminal cases – a team of experienced lawyers deals with crimes against economic turnover and penal – fiscal liability proceedings.

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