Tax. Public finance law

Tax. Public finance law

Providing tax advisory services, we are always focused on implementing practical, proven solutions that are to ensure legal security and adequate tax efficiency for our clients. We achieve this goal thanks to an individual approach to each client and treating each of his problems as a separate project, which is always a challenge for our team of tax advisors. In everyday practice, we provide legal services in the area of: indirect taxes (VAT and excise duty), income taxes (CIT, PIT), local taxes, tax on civil law transactions, inheritance and donation tax, and international tax law. We also represent our clients in the course of tax inspections, tax proceedings and proceedings before administrative courts. We create and implement optimization structures aimed at reducing tax burdens.

Tax advisory services provided include in particular:

  • representation in proceedings before tax authorities and administrative court proceedings in tax matters,
  • preparation of an application and representation in proceedings for issuing an individual tax interpretation at the stage of administrative as well as court and administrative proceedings,
  • tax optimization of business operations, including restructuring and transformation of enterprises, new investments as well as mergers and acquisitions,
  • development and implementation of structures minimizing tax risk, with particular emphasis on regulations regarding the circumvention of the law, as well as the implementation of due diligence rules in the implementation of VAT settlements,
  • tax optimization of business operations, including the use of international tax standards,
  • tax optimization of new investments,
  • preparing applications for individual tax interpretations and representation in complaints about interpretations,
  • developing and implementing structures that minimize tax risk,
  • preparation of tax documentation, including transfer pricing documentation,
  • restructuring of tax liabilities by preparing applications for remitting or spreading tax arrears and representation before tax authorities,
  • service in the range of prices used in transactions between related entities,
  • conducting tax audits, including for due diligence projects,
  • representing clients in tax proceedings, control proceedings and before administrative courts,
  • representation of taxpayers before tax authorities and administrative courts in cases regarding revenues that are not covered by disclosed sources or originating from undisclosed sources – art. 20 par. 3 of the Natural Persons’ Income Tax Act,
  • tax planning of capital structures,
  • legal analysis regarding tax consequences of inheritance,
  • settlement of income from the sale of real estate.

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