“Fabulous Lawyers” – 2nd edition of the educational campaign by the Supreme Bar Council and the Bar Foundation

“Fabulous Lawyers” – 2nd edition of the educational campaign by the Supreme Bar Council and the Bar Foundation

The month of June is coming to an end, and with it the second edition of the “Fabulous Lawyers” educational campaign launched by the Supreme Bar Council and the Bar Foundation. This year’s participants included attorneys-at-law Monika Gruszczyńska, Paulina Kozłowska and Aleksandra Mrotek who visited kindergartens in Wielkopolska to read to the youngest children a book entitled ‘The Forest Cases of Misia The Lawyer or a chewing gum in an anthill, rubbish dump beneath the hotel and stealing a lake’, written at the request of the Supreme Bar Council and the Bar Foundation under the honorary patronage of the Children’s Rights Ombudsman, Monika Horna-Cieślak.

Monika Gruszczyńska, attorney-at-law, met with children at the “Śmiałkowo” kindergarten No. 189 in Poznań. She read to the children a fairy tale about an unusual dispute concerning a disturbed anthill and told them about her work: what legal aid is, where lawyers practise their profession and how to become a lawyer. All the children received diplomas for their participation in the meeting with the Fabulous Lawyers and Misia The Lawyer and colouring books with the adventures of the forest characters. Although teaching preschoolers about the work of attorneys-at-law is not the easiest thing to do, the proof of success is that the children wanted to talk and find out more. The book about Polar Bear’s adventures with law stayed in the kindergarten and we hope that the children will want to return to it.

On 7 June 2024, Aleksandra Mrotek, attorney-at-law, visited a public kindergarten in Wtórek, part of the School and Kindergarten Complex. During the meeting, Aleksandra Mrotek, introduced the children to the profession of a lawyer, presented a barrister’s gown and told them a fairy tale about Polar Bear, who runs her law firm in the forest. The children listened with interest to the story of Misia The Lawyer try to rescue an endangered anthill and the work of the fairy-tale investigators to recover a clean lake for the forest’s inhabitants. The preschoolers not only learned about the importance of protecting the natural environment, but also about a trial in court is like and what compromise and settlement are. The children eagerly took part in a discussion with the lawyer and asked questions about the story. Each preschooler received a colouring book and a bookmark and the kindergarten received copies of the book “The Forest Cases of Misia The Lawyer”. After a great meeting, the children presented their guest with a beautiful certificate and a thank-you note.

On 19 June 2024, Paulina Kozłowska, attorney-at-law, visited the non-public Polish-English kindergarten ‘Two Cats’ in Puszczykowo. During the meeting, Paulina Kozłowska quizzed the youngest children on their knowledge of the legal profession and the functioning of the justice system. She also explained what her job entailed and read to the children  a fairy tale about Misia The Lawyer  and the assistance she provides, and together with the children discussed how the residents of the forest involved in the trial should behave. The working out of the compromise and settlement was well received, much to the delight of the Paulina, a lawyer-mediator. The children were every active participants and learnt new words as part of their daily English learning. We hope that the terms lawyer and court remain in their memory, as does the word gown with a jabot (which the kids initially referred to as apron).

More information about the campaign can be found on the website of the Supreme Bar Council: https://www.adwokatura.pl/akcja-bajeczni-adwokaci/ii-edycja-bajeczni-adwokaci-2024/

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