Public contracts of Rokietnica Commune with a total value of over PLN 4,900,000.00 positively appraised by auditors from the Marshal’s Office

Public contracts of Rokietnica Commune with a total value of over PLN 4,900,000.00 positively appraised by auditors from the Marshal’s Office

On 17 March 2020, Rokietnica Commune received information from the Managing Authority of the Regional Operational Programme of the Voivodship of Wielkopolskie  2014-2020 of the completion of the analysis of the documentation concerning the award of public contracts under project no. RPWP.03.03.03-30-0014/17 “Rokietnica Interchange Junction”.  

As a result of the analysis of the tender documentation, no irregularities were found in the procurement procedure for:

“Purchase of 4 low-emission buses” à a contract awarded in accordance with the PPL Act by open tender.

Comprehensive legal support for the public contract – project no. RPWP.03.03-30-0014/17 “Rokietnica Interchange Junction” was provided by Arkadiusz Bocian – a lawyer from the Public Procurement Law Department of our Law Office.

In the open tender procedure, the correctness of application of the principles of the Public Procurement Law was confirmed, in particular it was established that: 

  • the Contracting Authority applied the appropriate procurement procedure, 
  • the Contracting Authority placed a contract notice at its registered office, published the contract notice on its website and portal in the Official Journal of the European Union, and documented the date of delivery of the notice, 
  • the contract notice published in the Official Journal of the European Union contains a description of the conditions for participation in the procedure and a description of how compliance with those conditions will be assessed, 
  • the contract notice indicates the relevant time limit for submission of tenders, 
  • the ToR was published on the contracting authority’s website from the date of publication of the contract notice, 
  • the contractors who submitted inquiries concerning the ToR were answered, the explanations given to the contractors for the questions asked did not change the contract notice, 
  • provisions of the ToR regarding the subject matter of the contract, conditions of participation in the procedure and criteria for evaluation of tenders are consistent with the contract notice, a tender evaluation commission was appointed, the head of the Contracting Authority and all participants involved in the procedure signed declarations of impartiality,
  • in the procedure, tenders were received within the deadline specified in the contract notice, 
  • criteria for the evaluation of tenders were established, 
  • the selected contractor who entered the procedure met the requirements of the validity of the tender, was qualified for further evaluation and submitted the required declarations and documents, 
  • the Contracting Authority informed about the outcome of the procedure and the selection of the most advantageous tender, 
  • there are no grounds for invalidating the procedure, 
  • the minutes of the public procurement procedure and the annexes document the evaluation and selection of the tender, 
  • the contract between the Contracting Authority and the Contractor who submitted the most advantageous tender was signed within the time limit specified in the Public Procurement Law Act.

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