A judgment of the National Appeals Chamber favourable to our Client

A judgment of the National Appeals Chamber favourable to our Client

On 10 June 2021 the National Appeals Chamber rendered a judgment favourable to our Client, dismissing all claims concerning its offer made in two appeals filed by other contractors participating in the procedure.

The subject of the ruling were appeals against the contracting authority’s decision to select as the most favourable a tender submitted by our client in a procedure for construction works in the “design and build” formula with a value in excess of PLN 60,000,000.

The case involved both procedural issues – extension of the tender validity period, correctness of electronic signatures and supplementation of the European Single Procurement Document (ESPD), as well as an analysis of the conditions of participation in the procedure and of the tender evaluation criteria concerning possession of the required construction qualifications and experience by the person designated as the site manager and experience gained by one of the consortium partners.

The argumentation presented by our lawyers convinced the National Chamber Appeals of the correctness of the tender submitted by our Client.

The Client was represented in the appeal proceedings by attorney-at-law Łukasz Miatkowski and attorney-at-law Łukasz Matusiak.

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