Opening of a new part of the Independent Public Healthcare Centre in Słupca

Opening of a new part of the Independent Public Healthcare Centre in Słupca

On 7 April 2022, an official opening of a new part of the Independent Public Health Care Facility in Słupca took place! Among the invited guests were barrister Krzysztof Topolewski and barrister Ewelina Jeglikowska.

The ceremony was opened by Dr Maciej Sobkowski, Director of SPZOZ in Słupca, who welcomed the guests, including Faustyna Tupalska, assistant to Minister Zbigniew Hoffmann, Secretary of State, representatives of local authorities: members of the Słupeckie County Board: Starost Jacek Bartkowiak, Vice Starost Czesław Dykszak, Andrzej Bernat, Aleksandra Kazuś-Wróblewska, district councillors, administrators of individual communes of Słupca district. A special guest was Mr. Andrzej Grzeszczak, son of Roman Grzeszczak – the initiator of the construction and the first director of the SPZOZ hospital in Słupca. Then director M. Sobkowski delivered a very interesting presentation about the project, whose total cost amounted to nearly 30.8 million zlotys, bringing closer the charismatic figure of Dr Roman Grzeszczak. The 30th anniversary of his death this year was a good occasion to remember him.

Afterwards, a commemorative plaque dedicated to Dr Roman Grzeszczak was unveiled, and after speeches by the hospital director, starost, deputy starost and the son of Dr Roman Grzeszczak, Andrzej Grzeszczak, symbolically opened the new part of the facility.

Congratulations on the project and thank you once again for the invitation!

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