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The differences in the legal systems of continental and Anglo-Saxon systems may cause problems to  many people w by factors such as lack of knowledge of rules and regulations, cultural differences or inadequate knowledge of the English language, including Legal English with its legal specifics.

Thanks to the ongoing cooperation between Sowisło & Topolewski Office and  Sauders Law Firm  Ltd., based in London, we are able to help with legal issues Poles living, working or visiting in the UK. We also provide legal assistance to the British people having legal issues in Poland.

Legal assistance in the United Kingdom.

The result of the co-operation mentioned above include positive for the Sowisło & Topolewski Client  - the transport company delivering goods to customers in the UK - the end of a case which was originally found guilty of transporting cargo of cigarettes without excise. Customer for more than two years had been trying to clarify the matter with the HM Revenue & Customs by himself – without success. After giving to the Office of Sowisło & Topolewski, in cooperation with the Saunders Law in less than three months HM Revenue & Customs annulled its decision, and the customer is no longer required to pay high excise duties and fines.

Nowadays, when Poland is a member of the European Union, and a lot of matters are manage thru  the Internet it is very easy after  imposing the obligations by the Offices in other member of the European Union then  enforcing it effectively and quickly in Poland, so it is important to contact a lawyer as soon as possible.

Both law firms ( Sauders Law and Sowisło & Topolewski) join forces in other cases in the UK, among others, damage to persons (Polish citizens) living in the UK and the publication of insolvency or bankruptcy of Poles living for at least six months in the UK also including debts that have these people in Poland.

Legal assistance in Poland.

We also provide legal assistance to the British, both in the UK and Poland, including divorces British-Polish marriages, issues related to the regulation of the legal status of the property, the establishment of commercial companies in Poland with the British capital as well and thanks to cooperation with Andrzejewski, Sowisło & Topolewski Audit Services Sp. z o.o.  we also provide accounting of such entities.

If you have any questions about international cooperation encouraged to contact directly with:

Natalia Rakocy L L.M.


mob. (+48) 504 036 015