Administrative law. Local government

Administrative law. Local government

Administrative law is a set of regulations governing relations between state authorities and citizens in the scope of their rights and obligations. It is also one of the most developed branches of law, which in a very significant and wide range affects each of us, because it relates to many everyday aspects of our lives, such as the possibility of building a house on a given property, registering a fact such as birth or death or necessity waste segregation. For this reason, ensuring professional legal services by our Law Firm guarantees the clients protection and implementation of their rights in proceedings before public administration authorities, both territorial self-government, government administration, as well as other public administration bodies, as well as administrative courts. Our lawyers and legal advisors are perfectly prepared to provide professional legal services, because for many years they also provide legal assistance in the field of administrative law for the benefit of numerous Wielkopolska and Masovian municipalities as well as district authorities, public administration offices, cities, municipalities and county offices. The strength of the team of advocates and legal advisors is due to the fact that over many years they had the opportunity to solve all legal problems in practice, looking at matters from both the “client” and the “office” side. They also perfectly know the gaps in the law, learn about the specificity of “offices” and their way of interpreting intricate rules, thanks to which from this perspective they are able to advise clients on how to handle matters before administrative bodies.

The legal assistance provided by our law office includes representation in all proceedings before public administration authorities at every stage of the ongoing administrative and administrative court proceedings, in particular:

  • preparing applications initiating administrative proceedings and preparing applications and statements of the parties in the course of pending administrative or enforcement proceedings in administration,
  • representation in proceedings before bodies of first and second instance, in particular before local self-government bodies, self-government appeal colleges, district and provincial inspectorates of construction supervision, provincial environmental inspections and the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection or the Polish Financial Supervision Authority,
  • representation in extraordinary proceedings before the above-mentioned bodies, including the resumption of proceedings and the annulment of administrative decisions,
  • representation before the Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, the Arbitration Team of the Public Procurement Office, and the Patent Office,
  • representation before administrative courts and the Supreme Administrative Court,
  • appealing against resolutions of local government units as well as acts of local law and other legal acts issued by local government administration bodies.

The law firm in these areas focuses its activities primarily on:

  • representation of business entities in administrative proceedings for the issuance of licenses and permits for business activity required by law,
  • representation of individual and institutional investors in the administrative aspects of investment preparation in the proceedings for issuing a decision on spatial development and development conditions, applications and permits for construction, environmental decisions, water permits,

For public administration units:

  • we advise on all administrative aspects of their properties and activities,
  • we prepare audits and legal opinions,
  • we prepare, draft and review draft resolutions, orders and other legal acts issued by public administration bodies,
  • we participate in meetings of public administration bodies and provide legal advice in the field of their ongoing service, including advice on the legislative process,
  • we provide training for employees of public administration units, including in particular issues related to:
    • administrative proceedings,
    • proceedings before administrative courts,
    • planning and spatial planning,
    • building law,
    • environmental protection law,
    • waste management,
    • access to public information.

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