Criminal law. Criminal fiscal law

Criminal law. Criminal fiscal law

Running a business is associated with a potential threat of a criminal-law nature. Persons dealing with economic affairs of commercial companies as well as entrepreneurs are increasingly exposed to criminal liability in connection with committing crimes against business transactions.
Our team of lawyers and legal advisors has extensive experience related to the defense of persons holding managerial positions and performing functions in corporate bodies. We provide professional legal assistance in matters related to tax and economic criminal offenses, including such as:

  • corruption,
  • document forging, certification of an untruth,
  • appropriation and extortion of money and goods,
  • money laundering,
  • extortion of loans, bank loans, extortion of compensation under the insurance contract,
  • preventing bailiffs’ execution, unreliable keeping of business records and thwarting public tenders,
  • illegal removal of assets from business entities,
  • crimes concerning the placing on the market of goods marked with a counterfeit trade mark,
  • environmental crime (negative consequences of economic activities),
  • creative accounting,
  • fictional transactions and bankruptcies,
  • transactions using illegally obtained information and any other activities leading to the loss of business entities,
  • crimes regarding acquiring someone else’s computer program in order to gain financial benefits.

We comprehensively defend suspects and defendants at all stages of the proceedings. We also offer comprehensive advice on tax and economic criminal law. We successfully represent members of bodies of capital companies as well as collective entities in connection with their criminal liability. We work with a reputable detective agency.

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