Agnieszka Skibińska-Lipowicz

Agnieszka Skibińska-Lipowicz
Agnieszka Skibińska-Lipowicz

An expert in the field of commercial and civil law. Head of the Department of Contracts.
Since 2002 she has been specializing in legal consulting in the field of investment management with particular focus on infrastructure investments, contracting in connection with such investments, negotiating and preparing contracts, including based on FIDIC models. She is an effective negotiator of contracts in both domestic and international trade. In this respect, apart from the current advisory, she also represents Clients in court and amicable proceedings.
Author of numerous publications and press articles in the field of contract law and trademark protection.
She graduated from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan in 2000. She completed legal counsel apprenticeship in our law firm. She has been working as a legal counsel since 2005.

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