Bartłomiej Mazur

Bartłomiej Mazur
Bartłomiej Mazur

Specialist in public procurement law, both from the perspective of the contractors and the contracting authorities. His areas of interest include, among others, reviewing tender documentation with regard to the fulfilment of the terms of participation in the procedure, submitting enquiries to contracting authorities and preparing appeals to be filed with the National Appeals Chamber. 

His interests also include civil law, construction projects law and legal services to commercial companies. 

He is passionate about providing advice on issues related to the calculation of contractual penalties in investment processes. He is experienced in providing opinions on public procurement procedures involving EU funds, in particular on behalf of the Implementing Authority of the Rural Development Programme for 2014-2020. He gains and broadens his experience participating in training courses dedicated to the above issues.

A graduate of the Faculty of Law and Administration at the University of Szczecin. In 2019, he completed the legal counsel traineeship organised by the Bar Association of Attorneys-at-Law in Szczecin. In 2020, he was entered into the list of legal counsels/ attorneys-at-law. Senior Member of  the European Law Students’ Association ELSA Poland.

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