Joanna Zielińska

Joanna Zielińska
Joanna Zielińska

Specializes in legal services in the field of civil, commercial, medical and labor law. She conducts clients’ cases at the pre-litigation, court and enforcement stage, performing all activities in the course of these proceedings.
Particularly interested in medical law, which for several years has been applying in everyday practice related to the legal service of doctors and medical entities, in particular in cases regarding claims for payment and compensation – including related to medical malpractice. She conducts proceedings before the Provincial Commissions for the Adjudication of Medical Events.
She supports clients in the field of activities undertaken in connection with registration, changes and deletion of entities in the Register of Entities Performing Medical Activities. She participates in training, seminars and conferences related to medical law.
She graduated in the following fields: Law (2012) and Administration (2014) at the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Adam Mickiewicz in Poznan. After completing the legal advisor application in our law firm, she obtained a positive result of the vocational examination and as a result in 2017 she was entered on the list of legal advisors of the District Chamber of Legal Chamber in Poznań.

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