Restructuring. Insolvency

Restructuring. Insolvency

Polish market economy, in spite of the short history, because it can only be dated from 1989, is now the fastest growing economies in the world. Unfortunately, this does not translate directly into the widespread prosperity of entrepreneurs and their enterprises, which is prevented not only by market factors, related to, inter alia, including global crises, but also, and perhaps above all, lack of support from Polish legislation, government bodies, and public administration. This results in problems resulting directly from the lack of predictability of the Polish legal system and its instability, both in the sphere of creation and application of law. All these factors translate directly into the uncommon crisis situations in which Polish enterprises fall.

However,  in these difficult and often dramatic situations, we also provide our clients with professional legal assistance. We have a highly qualified team of lawyers and legal advisors, whose work is managed by the partner of the Law Firm, legal counsel Renata Kawula, ready to conduct the company through all stages of the restructuring proceedings, in all its types currently provided for by the Restructuring Law Act. Representation of the debtor concerns not only court procedures, but also contacts with creditors and offices, until the effective conclusion of the arrangement, and then support its implementation by its full formal and legal service, as well as tax and accounting.

In consequence, guarantee of effective enterprise restructuring in the crisis is undoubtedly increasing, and thus also the probability of its survival. All these activities are aimed at avoiding the need to file for bankruptcy.

In the end, however, which in cooperation with our customers, we try to avoid, we guarantee also any assistance with the preparation of the application for bankruptcy with all the documents, which all essential attachments, then we are prepared to represent our clients in proceedings both in respect of the declaration of bankruptcy and in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, including representation before the authorities of this proceeding, as well as individual creditors, until the proceedings are completed and the debtor is removed from the relevant registers.

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